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Why Use a Buyer's Agent

In very broad terms, a buyer’s agent can use their connections to source an investment property on your behalf that fits your criteria, and then negotiate a good price for it. You will receive a higher level of service as you will be treated as a client instead of a customer.  Usually this means you have formed a fiduciary relationship with your Buyer’s Rep.  You will be getting more without paying more.  In almost all cases the seller has agreed to pay the buyer’s agent’s commission.  When you and your buyer’s rep work together you have created a team dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible home-buying experience.
Where a real estate agent typically represents the person selling the house, a buyer’s agent works as an advocate for the buyer. 
In real terms, however, a full buyer’s agent service is much more than that.
They can:

  1. Access properties that you would never have known about, including private sales and those properties yet to be listed.

  2. Offer important insights specific to your local market.

  3. Either look for one property or a whole portfolio, depending on your position and a buyer’s agent can play a key role in helping to sort out your options.

  4. Use their expertise to help you find properties that have promising capital growth potential.

  5. Use their experience to help you make the right decision from your shortlist.

  6. Save you time and money so you only have to look at properties that meet your criteria.

  7. Bid on your behalf at an auction and support you during the negotiation process.

It would my pleasure to serve as your Buyer Agent. Please contact me today to discuss your dreams and let's make them together.. 

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